List of Wood Burning Projects That Sell 2023 [Updated]

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List of Pyrography & Wood Burning Project Ideas that Sell 2023 [Updated]

Pyrography is the art of burning images into wood surfaces. While it can take years to master pyrography, even beginners can make beautiful items to keep or sell.

Wood burned items are highly marketable and can be sold at craft fairs and online. The following are some projects appropriate for beginners looking to sell and make a little profit.

What Tools are Needed for Sellable Pyrography Projects?

woman wood burning a portrait to sell
Dennis Yang CC BY-SA


To complete these projects you will need a wood burning machine, pens, and pen tips to achieve lines, shading, and other beginner techniques. Each tutorial listed below uses specific wood items to burn on. These include cutting boards, spoons, boxes, picture frames, unfinished wood slices, and coasters.

We also recommend some basic safety equipment, especially if your workspace is not well ventilated, such as gloves, eyewear, and, ideally, a desk fan for ventilation.

You can buy many of these items easily at craft stores or online retailers. If you are in need of pattern ideas, Etsy and Amazon both sell hundreds of wood burning patterns and designs for affordable prices.

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Pyrography & Wood Burning Project Ideas That Sell

The following are a few beginner-friendly wood burning projects that can be sold. Each of these projects can be modified to fit your skill level and design preferences.

Similar designs can be drawn free hand or found online. Feel free to use your own patterns and get creative with techniques!

1) Harry Potter Cutting Board


This project is perfect for Harry Potter fans and can be customized for the different Hogwarts Houses!

To begin this project, the artist sketches out the design of the Gryffindor crest onto a large cutting board, then burns the outline of the entire design and adds light shading to some elements of the crest. The shading is optional for this project, but does add visual interest to the piece.

2) Decorative Spoons


Wood burned spoons are a classic project that you can make as simple or intricate as you would like. 

Begin with plain wooden spoons and sketch or stencil your desired design onto the spoon. Stencils, stamps, and free-hand drawings work best for the small surface area of spoons and other utensils. Use a light hand to burn the outline of your pattern.

The artist also uses letter pen tips that burn initials onto the surface in seconds. Consider investing in some of these pen tips if you are interested in personalizing your designs.

3) Celtic Knot Box


Wood burned boxes are perfect decor pieces that are also super useful.  

Begin this project by sanding down your wooden box. Using a stencil or a free hand design, trace Celtic knots vertically along the top and sides of the box. Burn the linework at a medium temperature with a knife-edge pen tip.

To achieve a smooth, consistent pen stroke, burn a long, constant stroke, turning the box as you work. Shade with a spoon-shaped pen to add a three-dimensional effect to the knots. Use a high temperature to shade in the background of the knots. Shade in small circular motions to create an indented texture.

To finish your project, add a felt lining to the inside of the box and add a clear coat of finish to seal your work.

4) Floral Picture Frame


To begin this project, free hand draw or use a stencil to create a floral design in opposite corners of the frame. Burn all the linework of the flowers and then fill in the flowers with shading as desired.

Use a finishing product to complete this easy, yet beautiful project which would work great as a gift for an anniversary, birthday, special occasion or special someone.

5) Personalized Coasters


Personalized coasters are easy, inexpensive, and sure to sell! Since you can choose your favorite image or design, this project is perfect for complete beginners or more intermediate wood burners. 

Begin with wood slices and trace your design onto the surface. Trace all of the lines with a medium-high heat. For a simplistic design, stop after doing the line work.

If you would like to add more dimension to your work, you can fill in some of the design with light shading. Seal your product with a clear finishing product and your coasters are complete.

6) Wood Slice Ornaments 


Ornaments made from wood slices are perfect rustic home decor items for any season! The videos above show how to make Christmas themed ornaments, but you can personalize them for any time of the year. 

Heat your wood burning pen to a high heat. Use unfinished wood slices for your ornaments. These can be found on Amazon, other online retailers, and in most craft stores. 

For the first version of this project, using a smaller ornament or circular stencil, trace a circle in the center of your ornament. Write your chosen word in the center of the circle. Trace the circle and word with your pen tip. 

After letting your pen cool, attach a shading point tip. Use the pen tip to burn little leaves around the circle you traced. This will create a little wreath around your word. 

For the second ornament option, hand draw or trace a stencil of your chosen design as shown in the tutorial. Burn over the lines you traced with your pen. Exchange pen tips as needed for various designs. 

For each project option finish by applying a sealant of your choice and attaching a string or ribbon to each ornament. 

7) Dandelion Wall Art


This simple wall art design is perfect for complete beginners! The simple lines of the flower look great, but are super simple to replicate. 

Using a oval pine plaque or another wood surface of your choice, begin by burning two parallel lines for the stem of the dandelion. Add shorter lines radiating from the top of the stem as shown in the tutorial. Add smaller lines to create each seed of the dandelion. 

Burn some seeds flying off of the dandelion. Feel free to add as many or as few as you like. Using a pencil, draw a leaf for your dandelion. Then trace over it with your wood burning pen. Add some vein details to the center of the leaf to finish. 

8) Wood Cake Stand 


For a creative and functional wood burning project that is sure to sell, consider making this wood cake stand! This project is deceptively easy and will look great on any table. 

This project requires a 2-inch thick wood slice, which you can cut yourself or find online. Burn a wiggly line around the outer edge of the slice with a sharp pen tip. 

Add some leaves to the line to create a simple wreath design. You can free-hand burn these as shown in the video, or draw them on first with a pencil. Add a few stems to the wreath. Switch to a ball point pen tip and create little dots on the wreath. 

Use pieces of wood in any shape to create the legs of the cake stand. The artist in the video uses wooden doll heads, so any scrap wood you have will work. Stain the legs and liquid nail them to the bottom of the cake stand. The legs of the stand can be as short or tall as you like. 

To finish, add several layers of Danish oil or another natural wood finish of your choice. 

9) Wood Burned Wall Art with Paint


Take your wood burning art up a notch by adding paint! To begin, find an image online that you would like to wood burn. You can also free-hand draw an image of your choice. Use carbon paper to trace the image onto a wood surface. 

Heat your pen to the highest setting and trace your image with an angled pen tip. Shade in the image as needed. Next, apply a wood finish to the entire project. Choose a light or medium shade to avoid covering up your wood burning. 

Wait for the stain to dry, then apply paint as shown in the tutorial. 

10) Mountain Scene for Wall Art or Coasters


For another wall art option, consider this easy, yet beautifully detailed mountain scene. This image can be applied to coasters, wooden plaques or boards, or any other surface. 

Begin by hand drawing a basic outline of the scene, including a mountain and a cabin. Then trace the mountain with your hot pen tip. Add as many details and shading to the mountain as you prefer. 

Next, trace the cabin and shade in the roof and siding details to make the image more three dimensional. Shade in pine trees and other details if you desire.

In the tutorial, the artist does much of his work free-hand, but you can always begin with more of your image already traced. 

This is a really customizable project idea, so feel free to make it more simple or intricate depending on your wood burning experience. 

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