“The blacksmith who employs no journeyman is never conscious of any conflict between the capital invested in his anvil, hammer and bellows, and the labor he performs with them, because in fact, there is none.” – Leland Stanford

About Working the Flame

Hey, welcome to Working the Flame – a newly created passion project of mine designed to help educate, fascinate, and essentially shine more light on the inner aspects and history of some extremely fascinating trades which, unfortunately, I feel are critically underrepresented online.

Although just a hobbyist myself, I have a strong background and interest in both science and manufacturing, and through the years have managed to pick-up a huge amount of practical information and experience while taking part in these different crafts. Some of this information was notoriously difficult to find while starting, and much of it can be very off putting as a beginner. The goal of this project is to take that information and maximise it’s usefulness and accessibility for both hobbyist beginners and experienced professionals, giving you more time with your craft, and less online searching for answers.

Just Like Alloys, Stronger Together 

To ensure the best accuracy of information, I’m working alongside and collaborating with various artisans, historians, material scientists, and professionals with a deep interest in metalwork, smithing, glasswork and the forging of materials throughout history. Our intention as a group is to curate the best articles and content on the histories, cultures and modern equivalents of the different trades, as well as the underlying science, properties and processes which binds them and continues to push the industry forward.