20 Creative Pyrography Business Names [Updated]

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List of Pyrography, Wood Burning & Wood Craft Business Names 2021 [Updated]

Pyrography and other types of wood crafts are popular hobbies that can be turned into successful business ventures. Whether you want to create a small and personal brand or a major business, having a catchy and unique name is important to your success.

Below are a few quirky, serious, and memorable business name ideas that are sure to inspire.

1) Pyromaniac Wood Burning

This name is great for pyrography artists creating edgy, stand-out work.

2) (Your Name)’s Pine Art

Insert your own name and you have a personalized, punny name perfectly suited for a pyrography or general woodworking business.

3) Against the Grain Pyrography

This name is great for artists whose work is unconventional and highly creative. ‘Pyrography’ can be substituted for any other art that uses wood.

4) Main Grain Wood Burning

Another clever take on wood composition, this name is catchy due to its use of rhyme.

5) Bark Brother’s Handmade Gifts

Alliteration is another fantastic device for memorable business names. This one can be used for pyrography, carving, carpentry, and more.

6) Beech & Poplar Design Company

This is a good sophisticated name choice that can be customized with your two favorite tree types.

7) Old Oak Woodcrafts

This name sounds established and suits a range of different art styles.

8) Cherry & Oak Wood Burnt Gifts

There is something about putting two wood types in a name that makes it sound fancy. This one can be customized depending on which species of wood you use and love.

9) Maple Leaf Crafts

This name is perfect if you have a simplistic, rustic, and down-to-earth business aesthetic.

10) Spear & Skew Pyrography

Inspired by two popular types of pyrography pen tips, this name is clever, highly relevant to wood burning, and catchy too.

11) Fire Needle Designs

In China, pyrography was traditionally called ‘fire needle embroidery.’ Pay homage to the history of pyrography with this interesting name.

12) Burnt Box Pyrography Goods

Another title with alliteration, this one is great for those making handmade home decor items.

13) Thatches & Lines Wood Designs

Taking inspiration from some common pyrography techniques, this title is memorable and appropriate for pyrographers of all backgrounds.

14) PyroArt

If you’re looking for a title that is short, sweet, and modern, this is the one to choose. Stylize it as one word or two based on your preferences.

15) High Heat Pyrography

Emphasize the nature of your craft with a name like this one.

16) Sad Sap Wood Burning

A silly name that would be great for pyrographers with a sense of humor and appreciation for self-deprecating humor.

17) Birchbark Woodworking

This is another great choice for someone looking for a traditional and earthy business name.

18) Red-Hot Handmade

Pyrographers who make a range of items would benefit from a generalized name like this one.

19) Cedar Cinders Wood Art

‘Cinders’ implies wood burning, but this name could work for a range of wood-related crafts.

20) Alight Wood Burning

This sophisticated name idea is great for pyrographers who burn elegant portraits, animal images, or jewelry.

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