What is a Cross Peen Hammer Used For? (Cross Peen Uses)

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What is a Cross Peen Hammer Used For? Cross Peen Hammer Uses & Functions.

A cross peen hammer is the most common tool used in forging. This type of hammer is recognized by its peen, which is perpendicular to the handle.

Let’s take a look at how cross peen hammers are used in blacksmithing and some further defining features of the tool.

Cross Peen Sizes, Weights, & Where to Find One

cross peen uses
Cross peen hammers are the most common tool blacksmiths use at the forge. el cajon yacht club / CC BY-SA

Because cross peen hammers are so popular in the blacksmithing world, you can find them at online retailers, second-hand tool sales, and artisan craft fairs. There are also many tutorials on forging your own cross peen hammer, which is a great project idea for any smith.

Cross peen hammers are available in a range of sizes and styles. The most common is the German style, which features a balanced and centered peen. The overall shape of this hammer is minimalistic and functional, making it perfect for any project.

The Swedish style cross peen is similar to the German style. It possesses balance between the cross peen and the flat face. This style has a more graceful appearance and heavy taper to the cross peen, but works about the same as the German style.

Finally, the French cross peen has a peculiarly shaped peen that is set to one side. This type of hammer is less common in America and other places, but if you find one it would be a nice addition to your tool collection.

It doesn’t matter what style your cross peen hammer is as long as it has a well-made peen. Look for a peen that is forged flat on the end with rounded corners. There should be no sharp edges or angles that would leave a lot of marks in your work.

Cross Peen Hammer Uses in Blacksmithing 

Alongside other tools, the cross peen hammer can be considered essential to any blacksmiths kit. J Jongsma / CC BY-SA

The cross peen hammer is an essential tool for forging. Most blacksmiths use this style of hammer for all projects. Most forging will be done using the flat face of the cross peen hammer.

The perpendicular cross peen is used for drawing out and spreading material. Drawing out with a cross peen is quick, yet not the most ergonomic process. Spreading is the more common technique for a cross peen and is one of the best uses of this hammer.

More Information

For more in-depth commentary and a smithing demonstration using a cross peen hammer, check out this video by Black Bear Forge:


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