List of Locksmithing Tools & Their Uses 2021 [Updated]

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List of Locksmith Tools & Equipment for Beginners & Experts 2021 [Updated]

Professional locksmiths require both manual and power tools for a variety of jobs. Cory Doctorow CC BY-SA

Locksmithing is a very hands-on trade that requires a variety of tools to complete projects. Although this trade focuses on the art of making locks, many modern-day locksmithing opportunities involve servicing locks.

Certain locksmithing tools are very common and have many general purposes, but there are also tools that are made for specific types of applications. These supplementary tools can make specialized projects a lot easier if you have them in your toolkit.

It is important to use the appropriate tools for the applications you will be working on as this practice will facilitate your job and promote the efficiency of your overall work.

The following list contains a list of useful tools for beginners and professional locksmiths that can be helpful for both general applications and specialized projects.

Complete List of Locksmith Tools & Equipment

1) Bench Tools

There are many important bench tools that a locksmith should have to complete basic tasks. One of these types of tools are pliers, which can help with bending or maneuvering parts of a lock.

Some common types of pliers are snap ring pliers, circlip pliers, and auto lock cap pliers. Other important bench tools are hand punches to create holes and stamps for marking keys and lock cylinders.

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2) Lock Picks

A very important aspect of servicing locks is the ability to pick a lock with the appropriate tools. Lock picks are one of the most important tools to have in your locksmithing arsenal. Many lockpicking tools come in sets, such as vehicle lock picks, level curtain picks, and safe picks to accommodate for varying sizes.

Tubular lock picks are also a different type of lock pick available. Jigglers are another type of lock pick available, which resemble the shape of actual keys in order to pick a lock by jiggling them inside the lock until it opens

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3) Drill Bits and Cutters

Drill bits and cutters can be very useful to drill holes of different sizes when making locks and cutting locks open when servicing them. Many drill bits come in sets with a wide range of sizes for different locks and other hardware applications.

Some useful types of drill bits for locksmithing also feature a step drill bit shape for countersinking. Tubular lock cutters can also be very useful when drilling out radial locks.

These tools can be very useful when dealing with locks that are difficult to pick and require high precision when drilling or cutting.

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4) Car Opening Tools

The source of lock servicing opportunities for locksmiths typically stems from the need to open the lock of a car door. Since this job opportunity is so common, it is important to have the right tools for this particular situation.

Although any of the car opening tools are not meant to be used on the car locks themselves, they can allow you to safely open the door of a car. These tools include air wedges, snares, vehicle opening fishing poles, vehicle door openers, and key jigglers as previously mentioned.

If the lock of a car cannot be easily picked, using car opening tools to open its door can still allow you to complete the job for your customer.

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5) Letter Box Tools

Locksmiths are often called into to service locks on doors that feature letter boxes, so having letter box locksmithing tools can be very advantageous. Letter box tools have features that extend in length in order to reach the door knob or lock of a door and can grip and rotate a door knob in order to open it.

There are also mirror attachments for letter box tools that can allow you to view the other side of the door. These are very common tools in the modern locksmithing industry and some that many locksmiths should have in their toolkit.

6) Key Extractors

Key extractors are useful tools to remove broken keys or key parts from locks. These extractors can allow you to move parts away from lock pins with ease due to their small and thin shape. Different applications require extractors of different sizes and shapes, such as tweezers, scissors, or blades.

7) Plug Spinners

Plug spinners are very useful tools to have when you accidentally pick a lock cylinder in the wrong direction. They rapidly rotate the lock cylinder in the proper direction in order to keep the picked lock in place.

There are even adjustable tension plug spinners available to use that can be fitted with different lockpicking attachments.

8) Snappers / Pullers

Lock cylinders can be snapped and weakened in order to open locks by using snappers or pullers. Since the cylinder is the core of the lock, it can potentially open the lock when compromised. This is a common way to break locks that have euro cylinders.

9) Lock Pick Guns

Lock pick guns are hand tools that can pick a lock with the appropriate direction and even force on the lock pins. Some lock pick guns are manually operated and others are electric.

While a lock pick gun is not exactly a necessary tool for locksmithing, it is very useful to have a lock pick gun in your toolkit because they are very efficient when picking a lock and it does not rely on the subject lockpicking movements of a human operator.

This is an important feature, because the art of lockpicking involves both the quality of the tool being used to pick a lock and the actual skill level of the operator.

10) Key Cutting Machines

Locksmithing also involves making keys to fit the locks. There are many key cutting machines available to machine the appropriate keys for a lock. These machines can easily make copies of keys, which is a common service that many locksmithing shops offer.

11) Tensions Tools

Tension tools or torque wrenches create tension while picking a lock and they allow the entry of locking picking tools into the lock. Some tension tools also feature a light, which allows the locksmith to clearly view the lock while working to pick it.

These tools are great at keeping the picked pins in place during the lockpicking process.

12) Lock Fitting Tools

Lock fitting tools and installation kits are very useful if you are trying to install the locks yourself. They can expand your services as a locksmith and make the process of fitting a lock to a door a quick and efficient job.

A lock fitting jig can cut through the door to fit the lock and it has a stable grip on the door to keep it steady while cutting.

13) Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are very important when working on applications that require potentially dangerous hand tools. Eye protection can save your eyes from injury while servicing a lock.

14) Safety Gloves

Wearing safety gloves when working with sharp tools such as cutters and operating hand drills can protect your hands from injury.

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