Best Beginner Lock Picking Kit 2021 [Updated]

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Best Locksmith Kits & Best Lock Picking Set for Beginners 2021 [Updated]

Learning the basics of  locksmithing and lockpicking can be overwhelming and intimidating due to the amount of equipment options that are available and the techniques necessary to work successfully. Kits are a great option for beginner locksmiths who want to get started quickly and easily.

There are kits available for different needs and interests at price points that are appropriate for a range of budgets.

Best Lockpicking Starter Kits? We Recommend:

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What’s Included in Lock Picking Kits?

Locksmithing starter kits include the very basic tools needed to begin understanding locks and how to work with them. Below are some of the most common items found in beginner kits and their uses.

1) Transparent Locks & Keys

zaphad1 CC BY-SA

Seeing the mechanisms of locks is really important for beginner locksmiths, and regular locks do not provide a way to see what is going on inside them. Transparent locks allow you to see the springs and pins within and understand how they work. Keys are of course necessary for operating locks. Most kits comes with a few different types of keys so you can gain familiarity with them.

2) Cylinders

Simon Waldherr CC BY-SA

Kits also comes with a few cylinders, which contain pins and other components that beginner locksmiths will need to practice on to learn the trade. Cylinders can be taken apart and put back together again for an added level of experimentation and learning.

3) Half-Diamond, Hook & Ball Picks

tmib_seattle CC BY-SA

The half-diamond pick is probably is the most common type of lock pick. It is used for single pin picking in tumbler locks. It is named for its angled shape and comes in a range of styles for different uses.

Alongside the half-diamond, a hook pick looks like a small hook and is a multipurpose pick that is great for every level of locksmithing. Finally, a ball pick has a rounded end and is another popular pick included in most kits. This type of pick is used for traditional locksmithing.

4) Storage Case

Cory Doctorow CC BY-SA

The last main item included in beginner kits is a storage case for picks, keys, and any other small tools you may add to your collection.

Do I Need Anything Extra to Start Lockpicking?

The tools described here are mostly advanced locksmithing tools that are not required when learning the basics. These are tools that can be invested in later on in your locksmithing journey, depending on your specific strengths and interests.

1) Fine Tweezers

Precision Tweezers Set, XOOL 9 PCS ESD Tweezers Set, Anti-Static Stainless Steel Tweezers Kit,...
  • [ Multi-function ] XOOL ESD Tweezers Tools Kit apply to repair precision devices, circuit boards,...
  • [ Anti-static and Anti-skid ] The kit aim to meet the requirements of the electronics. Every...
  • [ High Quality ] The kit is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel, resistant to most...

A basic item not included in these specific kits is a pair of tweezers. These are handy for a variety of techniques and situations in locksmithing.

2) Broken Key Extractors 

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This is a set of tools that help you get broken keys out of a lock but is not generally included in beginner kits. Consider investing in this tool if you are serious about locksmithing as a hobby or career.

3) Inner Groove Lockpick

GOSO Comet house HU66 VW Inner Groove Lock Pick locksmith tool, New Cordless Electric Pick Gun S067 for...
  • Professional locksmith supply
  • Nessary for a locksmith man

This tool is used in vehicle locksmithing. It is made to fit car laser locks and is not necessary for beginners, but is a handy tool for locksmiths who respond to vehicle emergency calls.

4) Decoder

Pro-Lok KD01 KW1,SC1,WK1 & WE1 Key Decoder
  • The Kw1,Sc1,Wk1,We1 Key Decoder With “Sure Stop” Steps Simplifies The Decoding, Re-Keying And...
  • Made From Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • Made In The Usa

A decoder helps you rekey a lock quickly because it prevents you from having to guess which pins to use. Once you have a grasp on how locks work, this tool can complement your work and make your job easier.

What Can I Do with Beginner Locksmith Kits?

Beginner locksmithing annd lock picking kits allow you to understand the mechanics of locks and the techniques necessary to the trade. Practice using each tool in the transparent locks to visualize the process and become comfortable with using a range of tools.

YouTube videos can be a great complement to your individual learning. The one linked here discusses the basics of locksmithing and goes into detail about keys, locks, and the mechanics of both.


The video begins with a description of the parts of a key and the functions of the different parts. The instructor then describes a cylinder and the pins inside. This in-depth discussion of the anatomy of locksmithing tools is vital to your understanding of the trade.

Towards the end of the video, the cylinder is taken apart and some basic tips are shared regarding how to use it and put it back together.

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