Glass Blowing Classes in Colorado 2023 [Updated]

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List of Lamp Work & Glass Blowing Classes in Colorado 2023 [Updated]

glass blowing classes in Colorado and Denver
Many popular glass blowing studios and art galleries are located in the city of Denver, Colorado

Colorado is home to a variety of glass blowing studios, many of which are located in the city of Denver. The glass blowing studios and art found in Denver truly represent the spirit of the city itself.

The artists who work in these glass studios are very passionate about the art form as well as the meaning and emotion that the glass products can convey.

Although the classes offered by these studios may vary in terms of the types of glass pieces they teach participants how to create, the ultimate focus is to cultivate a genuine interested and enjoyment of the glass blowing craft.

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1) Denver Glass Academy

  • Type: glass blowing, glass fusing, general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to apprentice
  • Price: $99- $199
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (303) 942-0034
  • Location: 1556 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

The Denver Glass Academy is a wonderful glass blowing studio and gallery that offers a variety of glass working classes for students or participants of all skill levels.

Codey B. manages and operates the glass blowing studio. He specializing in teaching glass blowing and seeks to get beginners on the torch for the first time. The classes offered at the studio vary by duration as well as experience level.

Beginners will find that the introductory class will give them a solid understanding of the foundations of the glassblowing craft. Other students might enjoy more of a customized glassblowing experience with a four hour class that could be divided into smaller sessions.

Glass fusing is another great option for those interested in other types of glass working. Another unique course offered by this studio that many will enjoy is glass pipe-making, which is not often a featured class is many glass working studios.

This studio also offers a 16 hour glassblowing apprenticeship course that can also be divided into smaller sessions. This course is great for people interested in learning about glassblowing on a more serious and comprehensive level.

2) Spectra Art Space

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: beginner
  • Price: $100 per person, up to $370 for 4 people
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (720) 535-7244
  • Location: 1836 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

Spectra Art Space is a glass blowing studio and art gallery characterized by vibrant colors and unique designs. The studio is owned by 3 women who aspire to immerse the public in a creative space that exhibits art in a variety of different mediums.

Although the gallery and studio are home to many different types of artists, glass blowing classes are available for those interested in learning how to make small pieces. The private classes are only offered to people 21 years or older and there are discounts available for each additional participant up to four participants.

Additionally, Students can keep the glass pieces they create because it is included in the course fee. Most of the classes are geared towards people who have no prior experience or those who would like to experience a glass art class.

Glass art is also available for purchase at this studio to help support the artists working there.

3) BGOLD Glass

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: beginner
  • Price: $54 to $180
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (303) 910-1277
  • Location: 2550 49th Street Boulder, CO 80301 (27.5 miles outside of Denver)

BGOLD Glass studio is named after its founder, Bryan Goldfeder. Bryan Goldfeder is a glass blower from Denver who focuses on the creation of glass art for both artistic purposes and spiritual purposes.

He believes that in fashioning beautiful glass pieces, he is elevating the Jewish traditional practice based in Jewish mysticism. Much of the art he creates are in the form of Jewish vessels and abstract wall pieces.

The classes offered by BGOLD studio are open to people of different ages and skill levels. Two popular classes are the Family Glassblowing Adventure and the Date Night at the Studio class.

Overall, these classes are great for people who want to learn how to make glass art and have a fun glass blowing experience, but are not necessarily ready to pursue a higher level understanding of the trade and techniques required.

4) Flux Studio LLC: A Community Glass Studio & Gallery

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: N/A
  • Price: N/A
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (720) 757-7081
  • Location: 2541 Bruce Randolph Ave. Denver, CO 80205

Flux Studio LLC is a glass art studio and art gallery founded by Cortney Boyd and Nate Steinbrick. Both of the founders are well-versed in different art styles and professions, but they established Flux Studio in order to shine a light on the glass art craft and make learning about it more accessible to the public.

The studio offers Make-You-Own Glass Kits for students of all ages, which can be a perfect gift or experience for those who would like to make their own glass art. Once you make your art piece, you drop it off at the studio to melt the glass pieces in their kilns.

The studio also offers live glass blowing demonstrations that are a great experience for visitors. The gallery is composed of many different art pieces including home décor, glass art, and fine craft items.

Although no live glass art classes are currently being offered, the studio can be rented out by glass artists to practice their craft. The rental opportunities available include the hot shop, cold shop, or kiln.

5) Agnes of Glass Studio & Gallery

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to advanced
  • Price: $99 to $400
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (303) 399-4066
  • Location: 2717 E 40th Ave Denver, CO 80205

Agnes of Glass Studio & Gallery is another great glass studio located in Denver. This studio was built and founded by glass artist Agnes Sanchez 20 years ago. The artist is well-versed in fine art and European glass blowing techniques, now specializing in hand blown glass art.

The studio offers a variety of glass blowing workshops to the public. These workshops include classes tailored to beginners as well as classes for serious learners. Each class focuses on creating a unique art piece while executing useful glass blowing techniques.

Students who take the advanced courses can be qualified to rent the studio space to practice glass blowing on their own. Specialty workshops can also be scheduled upon request, as well as workshops geared towards team members or groups. T

he art gallery features beautiful work from the artists at the studio and can be purchased by visitors or online to support the artists.

6) The Furnace: A Glassworks

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to advanced
  • Price: $50 to $850
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (303) 274-0643
  • Location: 11354 W 13th Ave Unit 6, Lakewood, CO 80215 (7 miles outside of Denver)

The Furnace: A Glassworks studio in Lakewood, Colorado features a fantastic selection of glass working workshops and classes. This studio is known for its hot glass art that has many functional purposes.

Corey Silverman is the studio artist and he has had a lot of formal experience training in glass art while pursuing a degree in fine art in New York. He then worked at a variety of glass studios in the United States prior to settling in Colorado.

His preferred glass art form is glass blowing due to the instant gratification he gets from making a blown glass form and knowing the shape of the end product before it goes through the annealing process.

This studio offers a variety of classes and workshops for people of different skill levels, including the Experience Glass class, the Skills Immersion: Glassblowing Basics class, the Glass Sample workshop, and the Make Your Own Ornament workshop.

The Experience Glass class is definitely geared towards individuals or groups interested in learning how to blow hot glass at a beginner skill level. On the other hand, the Skills Immersion class is a great option for those seeking a higher level understanding of the glassblowing class. This four-week course covers the foundations of glassblowing techniques.

The other workshops allow participants to create different glass art pieces that can be used for home décor or other functional purposes. Experienced glassblowers can also find opportunities to rent out the hot shop in order to create their own pieces or further practice their craft.

7) Elev8 Premier

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to advanced
  • Price: $120
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (719) 301-0774
  • Location: 6331 East Platte Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80915 (70 miles outside of Denver)

Elev8 Premier is a popular glass blowing studio and glass gallery in Colorado Springs. The team is made up of Steve Kelnhofer, Jeff E., and Sean H.. These artists are all passionate about creating glass blowing art, despite their varying backgrounds in the craft.

Steve Kelnhofer is the team captain of Elev8 Premier and he started blowing class over 15 years ago. He taught himself how to blow glass while trying to design his dream vaporizer. Eventually he got enough interest in the project that he put together his own glass blowing crew.

In his subsequent travels and acquaintances, he actively learned more about the craft from fellow glass blowers.

The studio offers a a variety of glass blowing classes suited for beginner to advanced students. These classes are taught by instructors who have over a decade of experience in the glass blowing trade and want to enhance others’ skills and techniques.

The studio can also be rented out by those who have experience glass blowing and would like to hone their craft in a well-equipped studio space. Some glass materials are also sold by the studio to be used for glass blowing projects.

8) Ambrosia Glass Art

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: small group, weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons, evenings
  • Price: Contact for pricing
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (303) 678-1641
  • Location: 34 Boston Ct D Longmont, CO 80501 (~37 miles north of Denver)

Ambrosia Glass Art is owned and operated by Angelo Ambrosia. He opened the studio in 2004 after working for many years as a ceramics artist and kiln maker. 

Ambrosia offers classes for beginners by appointment. Students can learn how to make their very own vessels, ornaments, holiday items and more. 

9) Melt Art Glass Studio

  • Type: general glass art, fused glass
  • Classes: weekdays, weekends, afternoons 
  • Price: $120
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (303) 827-5781
  • Location: 4919 Broadway Boulder, CO 80304 (~30 miles north of Denver) 

Erinn, the owner of Melt Art Glass Studio, has been working with glass for over 15 years. She earned a Fine Arts degree at Purdue University and has experience with both stained and fused glass. 

Glass fusing classes are offered at the Studio, and students learn all the skills needed to make their own bowls, circles, mandalas, platters, fish, dishes, jewelry, and more. 

Contact Erinn by phone or email for information on current class offerings. 

10) Daggett Glass Studio

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: small group, single day, multiple week sessions
  • Price: $80-$300
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (970) 667-8073
  • Location: 918 1/2 N Garfield Ave. Loveland, CO 80537

Dan Daggett is the owner and operator of Daggett Glass Studio in Loveland. He has been working with glass for over 35 years and shares his expertise with students in introductory classes and multiple-week courses. 

With two class structures, Daggett’s instruction fits most budgets and schedules. Those wanting a taste of glassblowing without investing much time and money right away should consider the introductory class at Daggett Glass Studio. 

For serious students wanting a more in-depth learning experience, Daggett’s seven session option is the perfect opportunity to learn about glass from a highly experienced professional. 

Regardless of the class option chosen, students learn the history of glass blowing and the basic techniques required to make paperweights, ornaments, cups, bowls, vases, and more. 

11) Gather House Glass Blowing

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: small group, 3 hour sessions, child friendly 
  • Price: $160
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (970) 485-2909
  • Location: 110 2nd Ave. Frisco, CO 80443 

Gather House Glass Blowing is owned by John Hudnut and his team of talented glass artists who have trained in France; Corning, NY; and the Pilchuck School. 

Classes at the Gather House are unique. Students begin class by assisting Hudnut with a large blown glass item. This allows them to learn the “dance” of blowing glass as well as necessary vocabulary and techniques. 

The tables are then turned and Hudnut assists students with a small project of their own. Options include tumblers, ornaments, vases, and more. 

12) Mountain Blown Glass

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art
  • Classes: demonstrations, weekdays, mornings, afternoons
  • Price: Free! 
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (970) 577-0880
  • Location: 101 W Elkham Ave. Estes Park, CO 80517 

Mountain Blown Glass opened in the early 2000s and is owned by Dan Clifton, who has been blowing glass for over 25 years. Clifton and his son Cory offer free glass blowing demonstrations for visitors. 

These child-friendly demonstrations are the perfect introduction to the history and methods of glass blowing. Contact the Cliftons for more information.  

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