Glassblowing Classes in California 2023 [Updated]

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List of Lamp Work & Glass Blowing Classes in California 2023 [Updated]

glassblowing classes in California, Sacramento, and Los Angeles
There are plenty of glassblowing classes across California, although most are located in the cultural hubs of Sacramento and Los Angles.

California is home to many glassblowing studios and hot shops in the west coast of the United States. The most prominent cities that feature glass art in California are Sacramento and Los Angeles.

Sacramento is known for its unique art culture, so it is worth visiting some of the many glassblowing studios located in this city. Likewise, Los Angeles’ rich fine art culture is not something to overlook.

The glassblowing workshops and classes available in California and, more specifically, in these cities, are sure to meet the expectations of the people interested in glassblowing and those trying to develop their skills in the trade.

People of all skill levels can find a glass studio suitable for their needs in the following list.

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1) Sacramento Art Glass

  • Type: glass blowing and general glass art
  • Classes: beginner and advanced
  • Price: $100 to $200
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (916) 743-1446
  • Location: 204 23rd St Sacramento, CA 95816

Sacramento Art Glass is a great institution in Sacramento where you can learn about making glass art. When the workshop is open, two classes are offered to the public for people of all skill levels.

These two classes are defined by the number of art glass pieces the students would like to make. The 1 Piece Class teaches participants how to make a glass paperweight and the 2 Piece Class teaches participants how to make a glass vessel in addition to the paperweight.

Both classes are taught by experienced instructor and owner of the workshop, René Steinke. René Steinke has been glassblowing since he was 17 and has had numerous experiences studying the craft and working in the industry as a professional glassblowing artist and teacher. He established the studio in 2012 and held his first live glassblowing demonstration in the spring.

Visitors who are not interested in participating in a class themselves will surely be fascinated by the live glassblowing demonstrations held at the shop under normal operation.

2) Girl Glass Studio

  • Type: general glass art
  • Classes: beginner and advanced
  • Price: $75
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (916) 257-9392
  • Location: 2648 21st Ave Sacramento, CA 95820

Girl Glass Studio is a wonderful glassblowing studio owned and operated by Shannon Jane Morgan. This studio was established in 1994 and has been offering a wide variety of classes and glass art experiences since its inceptions.

The owner and instructor was primarily self-taught in the craft, but boasts a vast knowledge of the artistry and passion required to make the beautiful glass pieces showcased in the studio.

The glassblowing experiences and classes offered by this studio are open to people of all skill levels. Some of their popular “short classes” allow beginners to create their own glass paperweights and ornaments within a short timespan.

Those who are interested in getting a more in-depth experience in the art of glassblowing are encouraged to take their series classes after participating in the beginner short classes. These options cater to people who are interested in a fun activity and those who would like to be more serious about their involvement in the trade. This is a great place to learn about glassblowing from a local Sacramento artist.

3) Design with Fire

  • Type: glass blowing, glass fusing, and general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to advanced
  • Price: $295 to $495
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (530) 400-8113
  • Location: 518 Glide Ave., Suites K, L, M & N West Sacramento, CA 95691

Design with Fire is another great glassblowing studio located in Sacramento. This studio has a wonderful ambiance and is operated by a wide range of artists.

Linnea Wong is both the main studio contact and a glass art instructor at the studio. Much of Linnea’s work is inspired by her Asian and Scandinavian heritage, which is beautifully expressed in the details of her art.

There are many different types of glassblowing and glass art classes offered by this studio for people of all skills levels. These types of classes include beadmaking, glass fusing, glassblowing, jewellery-making, and multimedia classes.

The studio features 3-day glassblowing classes and single day introductory glassblowing classes that will suit participants with different expertises and interests. Due to the wide variety of classes and class series available to choose from, the prices of these classes also vary.

In addition to the extensive selection of classes, interested parties could also book private appointments for instruction or studio rental. The artists and instructors are very knowledgeable in the art of glassblowing along with other related media and their work is available for purchase in the shop.

4) 2BGlass

  • Type: glass blowing and general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to expert
  • Price: $135
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (530) 417-1998
  • Location: 5630 De Ponti Dr Orangevale, CA 95662 (22 miles outside of Sacramento)

2BGlass studio offers a unique art experience to visitors and is owned by Tate and Aaron Bezde, two brothers who pursued their dream of opening their own glassblowing studio from the young ages of 21 and 25.

This studio offers a variety of classes to make your own unique glass art pieces. These classes include “Blow-your-own Bowl,” “Blow-your-own Cup,” ornament-making, and paperweight-making. The skills you learn during these classes will provide people of all skill levels a solid understanding of hand-blown glass art.

If you are a more experienced glassblower, you can also rent their studio and studio equipment for different rates, which is a great option if you are not ready to invest in your own equipment.

5) KT Glassworks

  • Type: glass blowing and general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to expert
  • Price: $145-$155
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (808) 371-8629
  • Location: 5029 West Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016

KT Glassworks is a glassworking studio located in Los Angeles. The studio is owned by glass artist Kazuki Takizawa. Takizawa has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in glass art and has been professionally working glass since he graduated.

The KT Glassworks staff is composed of Takizawa and a team of professional glassblowers who create custom pieces for commercial and residential projects.

The classes offered by the studio include introductory glassworking class as well as private lessons for those who would prefer to learn at their own pace. People who have already taken the introductory class can pursue a higher level class by taking their Continuing Education class.

After completing those prerequisite courses, students can book time in the glass lab to continue practicing their glassblowing skills and improve their techniques.

Since space is limited and many people are interested in taking glassblowing classes at this studio, it is best to reach out to the studio in advance to book your appointment. This studio also offers hotshop rentals to professional glassblowers.

6) Los Angeles Glassblowing

  • Type: glass blowing and general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to advanced
  • Price: N/A
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (424) 255-8245
  • Location: 351 East Beach Avenue Inglewood, CA 90302 (12 miles outside of LA)

Los Angeles Glassblowing is a glassblowing studio that specializes in custom hand blown glass art.

This studio was founded by Jim Embrescia, who has almost 20 years of experience in the glassblowing trade. He and his team of professional glassblowers have worked together to create beautiful glass art with high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and technology.

This studio offers classes at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The beginner course will supply students with key concepts and skills needed to create their own small custom piece.

Students who are interested in further developing their skill can contact the studio to design a custom lesson plan that will best fit their needs and skill level.

7) LA Glass Center

  • Type: glass blowing and general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to advanced
  • Price: $95 to $495
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (310) 462-9723
  • Location: 141 Penn St. El Segundo, CA 90245 (20 miles outside of LA)

The LA Glass Center is a great place to learn about glassblowing for beginners. The studio’s mission is to allow the public to experience and participate in the art of glassblowing.

Although they are new to Los Angeles, they are committed to conduct a variety of community outreach programs to further include the community in this trade and allow members to develop their existing skills.

The classes offered by the center are catered to students of all skill levels. The shorter classes allow students to make small glass pieces such as ornaments or paperweights. The extended classes allow students to delve into the foundation of glassblowing and learn how to create more complex glass art.

Team-building workshops and hot shop rentals are also offered by the center, but typically require advanced planning. All members of the LAGC team have years of experience in the glassblowing trade, including many professional roles and formal study experiences around the world.

8) Half Moon Bay Art Glass 

  • Type: glass blowing 
  • Classes: small group, weekends, 2 hours, child-friendly 
  • Price: $130-$850
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (650) 283-5626
  • Location: 12341 San Mateo Rd. (at La Nebbia Winery) Half Moon Bay, CA

Half Moon Bay Art Glass is owned and operated by Douglass Brown, who has been working with glass since the 1970s. His studio is located at La Nebbia Winery and is open for classes and visits. 

Classes with Brown are appropriate for all ages and skill levels. Each class begins with an introduction to glass blowing and the procedure to be followed. Projects take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete. Students work with an instructor to create their own one-of-a-kind piece. 

Half Moon Bay Art Glass offers classes in 3 tiers. Tier 1 project options include mini pumpkins, hearts, paperweights, terrariums, and vases. Tier 2 options are hearts, ornaments, sea urchins, or sea stars. Tier 3 projects are the largest and include pumpkins, bowls, large terrariums, and wine glasses. 

The most expensive but also the most impressive class to choose from is a jellyfish lamp class. Students create a jellyfish body and tentacles. The price of this class varies depending on the size and features of the design. 

9) Slow Burn Glass 

  • Type: glass blowing 
  • Classes: small group, studio rentals, private, 1-3 hours, weekends, afternoons, evenings 
  • Price: $180-$275
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (510) 778-1548
  • Location: 833 S 19th St. Unit A Richmond, CA 94804

Slow Burn Glass is owned and operated by Bryan Goldenberg, a classically trained glass artist who has studied with professionals at the Pilchuck School and in Murano, Italy. 

Goldenberg’s studio is 5,000 square feet and fully equipped for classes and studio rentals. Classes are tailored to beginner and intermediate glass students who want to explore glass hands-on. 

The Beginner Glass Blowing class is one of Slow Burn’s most popular options. This 3 hour class allows students to learn by doing to create their own works of art. A continuation of this class is also offered for those who want to continue learning. 

Project-focused classes are also available and teach students the skills needed to complete beer glasses, wine glasses, vases, bowls, and seasonal items. These are shorter than the Beginner Glass Blowing class and are perfect for those wanting just a taste of glass blowing. 

Contact Slow Burn Glass directly for more information on private lessons and studio rentals. 

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