20 Creative Craft Business Name Ideas [Updated]

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List of Creative Craft Business Names 2021 [Updated]

Passionate craftspeople looking to sell their products often wonder where to start. After all, owning and operating your own small business, either in-person or online, is no easy feat.

One of the most important things you can do in the early stages of planning your business is to decide what to call it. To help save you time and energy, we’ve come up with 20 creative and eye-catching craft business names that you can customize.

Go ahead, turn your small business venture into a booming enterprise by choosing the perfect name!

Wood Craft Business Names


1) Dusty Apron Woodworking 

If you like quirky names, this one is for you! It sounds friendly and slightly vintage, which will appeal to a wide audience.

2) Cuts & Joins Woodwork 

Based on two woodworking terms, this name is creative, easy to remember, and very relevant to the craft.

3) Maple & Pine Wood Designs 

Combine any two of your favorite wood types for a name that is catchy and modern.

Metal & Jewelry Making Business Names


4) Razor Edge Metalworks 

Whether you specialize in sheet metal, machining, or bladesmithing, attract your next clients with this tough-sounding name.

5) Quartz Creations 

Short, sweet, and easy to remember, this name is ideal for businesses specializing in handmade gemstone jewelry.

6) Bezels & Bobs Fine Jewelry 

Alliteration and short jewelry-specific words make this a great option!

Glass Working Business Names


7) Hot Seat Glassworks 

A fun take on a glassblowing bench, this name is perfect for a fun, down-to-earth glass working business.

8) Blue Enamel Glass House 

For a touch of sophistication, why not choose this name for your glass venture?

9) Gather Together Glass Studio 

Taken from the ‘gathering’ technique in glassblowing, this name is perfect for a community-oriented glass studio offering classes or demonstrations.

General Hobby Craft Business Names


10) North Pine Design 

Rhyming words are great for craft business names because they are easy to remember. The rustic quality of this name also makes it ideal for a small business.

11) Deepwoods Craft Co. 

Another nature themed idea, this name is perfect if you live in a rural area that attracts many tourists in the the summer season. This is also a great name for an online business.

12) Wild River Crafts 

This name is rustic, charming, and perfect for a range of crafting types. Consider replacing ‘river’ with a word of your choice from nature.

13) First Name/Last Name Makes 

If you want everyone to know the person behind the brand, using your name as the name of your business is the best way to do it. This name format is perfect for online businesses utilizing sites like Etsy or Ko-Fi.

14) Midwest Maker 

Alliteration is the superhero of business names. It makes your name easy to remember, fun to say, and looks very clever.

15) West Coast Design Co. 

Another region-specific name that shows pride and immediately lets customers know where you are located.

16) Armadillo Designs 

If you live in the American Southwest or another region that is home to armadillos, consider paying homage to them with your business name. It’s unique, eye-catching, and iconic.

17) Last Name & Sons Crafts  

A classic choice for any small business. This name sounds established and is highly personalized to you.

18) New York Craft Company  

If you’re creating masterpieces in a major metropolitan area, consider incorporating your location into your business name. This not only shows pride in your city but also is easy to remember for residents and visitors alike.

19) Potomac River Design Company 

Whether you live near the Potomac or want to change it up, company names with geographical features sound established and local. Anyone living near your chosen landmark will want to buy from you!

20) East Sussex Crafts 

Exchange the italicized region above for your own and you have a simple business name that is sure to attract customers both near and far.

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