Blacksmithing Classes in Tennessee 2023 [Updated]

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List of Blacksmithing Classes in Tennessee 2023 [Updated]

balcksmithing classes tennessee
Tennessee has private schools, public museums, and a large network of organizations dedicated to teaching and promoting blacksmithing and related crafts.

Blacksmithing has a long and rich history in the state of Tennessee and continues to be a popular hobby and career.

The first towns and cities in Tennessee relied on local smiths for goods and repairs. Remote Appalachian communities especially relied on the work of nearby craftsmen, as they did not have easy access to store-bought items. 

Although industry has largely replaced the local blacksmith, many organizations and schools exist in Tennessee today. 

Hobbyists and professional blacksmiths and bladesmiths can share their passion with fellow smiths and the community by joining one of several blacksmithing organizations across the state. 

For those wanting to hone their skills, Tennessee is home to several great schools and private workshops that offer classes for all skill levels. 

Below are the top places to learn and experience the art of blacksmithing in Tennessee this year.  

Forged a Guide to Becoming a Blacksmith
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1) Iron Mountain Metal Craft

  • Type: Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing
  • Classes: small group, child friendly, weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons, evenings
  • Price: $20-$85
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (865) 365-4344
  • Location: 172 Old Mill Ave. Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Iron Mountain Metal Craft is “America’s #1 Most Visited Knife Forging Experience.” The forge is dedicated to education and is run by Robby Bowman. He was featured on seasons 3 and 4 of Forged in Fire. Bowman’s classes are perfect for beginners of all ages. 

Classes and project based and teach participants the skills needed to make a few different simple projects. Project options include railroad spike knives, horseshoe knives, pony knives, and nail knives. 

2) Tennessee Blacksmith

  • Type: Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing
  • Classes: small group
  • Price: Contact for pricing information
  • Website:
  • Telephone: N/A
  • Location: Gainesboro, TN

Tennessee Blacksmith was opened in 1995 and specializes in custom ironwork for the home and garden. The shop offers daily and weekly classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced smiths. 

Weekly classes include meals and lodging. Contact the Tennessee Blacksmith for more information about scheduling and pricing. 

3) Three Creeks Farm

  • Type: Blacksmithing
  • Classes: small group, all levels 
  • Price: Contact for pricing information
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (615) 476-0462
  • Location: 365 Peabody Rd. Charlotte, TN 37036 (40 miles west of Nashville)

Three Creeks Farm is a working farm located about 45 minutes outside of Nashville. The farm offers traditional classes including blacksmithing and knife making. 

Beginner classes are the most popular. They cover the history and tools of the trade. Students learn simple techniques like drawing out, tapering, and twisting to create their own hooks. 

Intermediate classes are focused on splitting and shaping metal. Students create fire pokers and hearts. 

Three Creeks Farm also offers classes appropriate for advanced smiths. Participants are taught how to make candle holders. Experience twisting, curling, and shaping is required. 

4) Metal Museum

  • Type: Blacksmithing
  • Classes: small group, 1-2 days, full day, summer camps
  • Price: $450-$475
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (901) 774-6380
  • Location: 374 Metal Museum Dr. Memphis, TN 38106

Metal Museum opened in 1979 and is completely devoted to metalwork. It is the only institute of its kind in the United States and draws many visitors each year. 

The Museum offers blacksmithing classes for all ages and skill levels. Children can participate in the Museum’s metal summer camp each year. 

Adults can sign up for beginner through advanced blacksmithing classes that focus on traditional and contemporary techniques. 

Blacksmithing I and II teach participants how to make kitchen utensils, hooks, and saucepans. Those interested in stocking up their workshops can take the Tool Making class, which covers how to make a hammer. 

5) Tennessee Tech

  • Type: Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing
  • Classes: small group, weekends, week long, summer workshops
  • Price: $280-$700
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (931) 372-3101
  • Location: 1 William L. Jones Dr. Cookeville, TN 38505 

Tennessee Tech is one of the top colleges in the South. It is a STEM college that offers a wide range of degree programs and other learning opportunities that are open to the community.

Summer workshops at Tennessee Tech cover blacksmithing and bladesmithing techniques. The workshops allow students learn the skills needed to complete specific projects. This summer’s projects include tomahawks, forged fashion, Viking spears, kitchen knives, Bowie knives, and hammers.

A full list of course descriptions can be found at the link above. Make sure to check back for next summer’s classes. 

6) Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths (AACB)

  • Type: Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing
  • Classes: meetings, conferences, demonstrations
  • Price: $25 annual fee 
  • Website:
  • Telephone: N/A
  • Location: Multiple locations in Tennessee and Kentucky

The Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths (AACB) is the top blacksmithing organization in the state of Tennessee. It incorporates many smaller blacksmithing groups that meet in various locations across the state. 

Membership to one of AACB’s many groups includes monthly meetings, conferences, demonstrations, and learning opportunities. Meetings are great times to connect with blacksmiths in you area and trade tools and advice. 

Forge groups associated with the larger Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths include Lynchberg Forge, Fiddlers Grove Blacksmith Association, Choo Choo Forge, State of Franklin Blacksmith Guild, Brasstown Blacksmiths, and many more

Two of the larger groups are also described in more detail below. 

7) Choo Choo Forge

  • Type: Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing
  • Classes: meetings, demonstrations, weekdays, evenings, classes
  • Price: Contact for pricing information
  • Website:
  • Telephone: N/A
  • Location: 2202 N. Chamberlain Ave. Chattanooga, TN 37406

Choo Choo Forge is one of several groups affiliated with the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths. The Forge offers a wide range of services that deserve more discussion. 

Meetings at Choo Choo Forge happen monthly on Thursday evenings. New members are welcome to come to meetings and see what the Forge is all about. 

In addition to meetings and demonstrations, Choo Choo Forge also holds classes for a range of skill levels. These classes are taught by guest instructors and are great ways to learn blacksmithing for the first time or brush up on your skills. 

More information about joining Choo Choo Forge can be found at their Facebook page linked above, or by attending a meeting. 

8) Fiddler’s Grove Blacksmiths Association (FGBA)

  • Type: Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing
  • Classes: meetings, small group, afternoons
  • Price: $125 annual fee
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (615) 496-4041
  • Location: 945 E. Baddour Pkwy. Lebanon, TN 37087 (31 miles east of Nashville)

Fiddler’s Grove Blacksmiths Association or FGBA is an affiliate of the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths. The organization was founded in 1993 and meets in the blacksmith shop of the Fiddlers Grove Pioneer Village.

The Village is a living history museum that teaches the public about Tennessee history through interpretations, exhibits, and hands on activities. 

FGBA offers its members a range of services that help to promote blacksmithing and develop essential skills. In addition to monthly meetings, FGBA offers beginner blacksmithing classes and green coal forging classes. 

If you live in the Lebanon area and want to participate in more blacksmithing events, a FGBA membership may be the perfect way to do so. 

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