Best Silversmithing Books Reviewed 2021 [Updated]

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List of Best Silversmith & Silversmithing Books For Beginners & Experts 2021 [Updated]

Although it’s best to learn via practice, books can still help create a foundation or refine your craft. Andrei CC BY-SA

Silversmithing is a trade that requires a lot of hands-on experience in order to improve your skills.

Although many silversmiths and metalworkers hone their technical skills through practice, they also glean useful information from silversmithing books that can allow them to refine their craft further.

There is a wide variety of silversmithing books available to purchase and read that would work with silversmiths of all skill levels.

The majority of these books are written by master or professional silversmiths and metalsmiths who detail the specifics of their own work and valuable insight into their style and technique within each book.

1) Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers: Techniques, Treatments, & Applications for Inspirational Design

Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers: Techniques, Treatments & Applications for Inspirational Design
  • Bone, Elizabeth (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 03/01/2012 (Publication Date) - Search (Publisher)

Recommended for: Beginner Silversmiths

Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers by Elizabeth Bone is a wonderful book written by an expert jeweler and advanced silversmith. This book contains valuable information regarding the jewellery making aspect of the silversmithing trade.

Some of the content and silversmithing topics covered in this book include useful silversmithing techniques and surface treatments. Although this book is written largely from the jewellery making perspective, it is important to note that it may still be a beneficial read for beginner silversmiths since it covers some of the basic silversmithing techniques required to get started in the trade.

Jewellery making often involves small-scale projects, so this would be a great starting point for those who would like to begin working on projects with minimal experience. The information about silversmithing techniques included provides a balance between older and more contemporary methods of silversmithing.

Pros Cons
  • Written by expert silversmith
  • Discusses surface treatments
  • Great of jewellery makers
  • Old and new silversmithing techniques
  • Great for beginners
  • Specific to jewellery makers
  • Not necessary for advanced silversmiths

2) Silversmithing: A Contemporary Guide to Making

Silversmithing: A Contemporary Guide to Making
  • Hardcover Book
  • Hill, Brian (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Recommended for: Beginner & Advanced Silversmiths

Silversmithing by Brian Hill and Andrew Putland is another great silversmithing book discussing modern-day techniques. The co-authors are very knowledgeable in the trade and they have created unique pieces throughout their design careers.

Due to the contemporary aspect of the projects and pieces featured in this book, the techniques and methods discussed in the text are also very unique and could be challenging for silversmiths who have only been exposed to older techniques of the trade.

Despite the wealth of contemporary silversmithing information, the authors made sure to include the origins of classic silversmithing techniques and approaches to certain projects. This book emphasizes the art form of silversmithing and promotes creative thinking when working on new projects.

The authors also provide hands-on information regarding certain projects, which can prove to be very helpful when trying to follow along with the examples in the text. This book is great for beginners who would like to learn more about a modern approach to silversmithing and understand how to properly finish a project with a polished look.

Pros Cons
  • Contemporary designs
  • Experienced authors with a background in design
  • Unique silversmithing techniques
  • Great for beginners and advanced silversmiths
  • Pictorial representation of projects
  • Many techniques are contemporary, not geared towards tradition aspects of silversmithing


3) Hot Connections Jewelry: The Complete Sourcebook of Soldering Techniques

Hot Connections Jewelry: The Complete Sourcebook of Soldering Techniques
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Chin, Jennifer (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Recommended for: Advanced Silversmiths

Hot Connections Jewelry by Jennifer Chin is a jewelry making book that specifically discusses soldering techniques. Although this book does not generally discuss the art of silversmithing, soldering is an important skill to have when working with silver and other metals.

The author delves into the different techniques used when soldering with a torch. She explains the process in detail to ensure that her audience can understand the material and follow along. There are 23 in-depth lessons included in the book that are accompanied by useful pictorial representation of the projects and examples discussed.

This book could benefit both beginner and advanced silversmiths who have an interest in jewelry making.

Pros Cons
  • Great for learning about soldering techniques
  • Meant for beginner to advanced silversmiths
  • Jewelry making perspective
  • Experience author
  • In-depth lessons
  • Techniques discussed in the book involve the use of a soldering torch
  • Does not cover general silversmithing topics

4) Silversmithing: A Manual of Design and Techniques

Recommended for: Intermediate & Advanced Silversmiths

Silversmithing by Keith Smith is a great general-purpose book for intermediate silversmiths. The author reviews basic techniques of the trade and details the design process. The techniques discussed one how to shape and form metals can allow someone who is interested in the craft to get a better idea of how to start a silversmithing project and improve the skills of intermediate and advanced silversmiths.

The writing in this book is very clear and concise, which is a desirable aspect in any book that alludes to a very hands-on craft. There is a lack of information regarding the types of tools used in certain applications and their purpose, which is why it may not be suitable for complete beginners in the trade.

This book also contains great pictures of sample projects made by other silversmiths that can inspire the reader to create their own vision for a project.

Pros Cons
  • Covers basic techniques and general silversmithing topics
  • Great for intermediate to advanced silversmiths
  • Experienced author
  • Details the design process of a silversmithing project
  • Useful pictures of projects
  • Clear and concise writing
  • Not suitable for beginner silversmiths
  • Lack on information on tools types and their purposes
  • Does not cater to jewelry making


5) Simple Soldering: A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Making

Simple Soldering: A Beginner's Guide to Jewelry Making
  • Ferrant Richbourg, Kate (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 160 Pages - 11/27/2012 (Publication Date) - Interweave (Publisher)

Recommended for: Beginner Silversmiths

Simple Soldering by Kate Ferrant Richbourg is another great book about soldering metal for jewelry making. This book is especially geared towards beginner jewelry makers and silversmiths who are interested in learning soldering techniques.

The unique aspect of this book is the way in which the author teaches you how to complete jewelry making projects with simple tools and techniques that do not require a complex workshop or wealth of background knowledge prior to reading it.

She includes step-by-step instructions to complete simple projects that look professional. The book also includes information on how to combine and layer the simple techniques she teaches to create more complex-looking pieces. This is a stellar book for beginner silversmiths and people who would like to start working on their own jewelry making projects.

Pros Cons
  • Experienced author
  • Great information on soldering techniques for jewelry making
  • Great for beginner silversmiths and jewelry makers
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • Detailed guides for specific techniques
  • Mostly geared toward beginner jewelry makers
  • Not meant for general purpose silversmithing
  • Limited to soldering techniques


6) Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths

Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths
  • Goldsmith, Stephen M (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 96 Pages - 09/01/2019 (Publication Date) - Crowood Press (Publisher)

Recommended for: Intermediate & Advanced Silvermiths

Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths by Stephen A. Goldsmith is a great read if you are interested in learning how to successfully polish and finish your silversmithing projects.

This book details the important aspects of the polishing and finish process while including useful information on how to set up a shop with the appropriate tools and materials. The techniques discussed in this book are traditional polishing techniques that have been tested and proven over time.

The step-by-step instructions feature helpful pictures and illustrations that allow the reader to clearly follow along with the text. This is a great book for intermediate to advanced silversmiths who would like to refine the finish of their projects.

Pros Cons
  • Great information about polishing and finishing silversmithing projects
  • Experienced author
  • Information on setting up a shop
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Great for intermediate to advanced silversmiths
  • Very specific niche in the silversmithing trade


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