Best Glassblowing YouTube Channels 2022 [Updated]

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List of Glassblowing & Lampworking YouTube Channels 2022 [Updated]

glassblowing and lampworking Youtube channels
YouTube channels devoted to glassblowing and lampworking can help you learn and get inspired.

Glassblowing and lampworking are enjoying increasing popularity on sites like YouTube. Hobbyists and masters alike are showcasing their skills and offering free tips and tricks for anyone interested in the art forms.

Many well-known glass art museums and organizations utilize YouTube for education and marketing purposes and are included in this list as awesome sources of information and entertainment.

Other channels listed here are run by everyday artisans and hobbyists with very small but growing audiences. They offer tutorials, demonstrations, and inspiration.

Whether you are a glassblower, lampworker, or just a fan of these ancient art forms, there is a channel on YouTube that fits your interests.

Here are 15 awesome glassblowing and lampworking YouTube channels regularly uploading new content this year.

1) The Fusing Shop 

The Fusing Shop is a YouTube channel and physical shop in New Jersey run by Sim. He teaches viewers and patrons about glassblowing and lampworking through tutorials and demonstrations.

Sim’s videos average about 10-20 minutes in length and show the full process of create an endless array of glass objects, beads, pendants, and more.

The Fusing Shop uploads tutorials several times per week. Sim gives in-depth instruction while he demonstrates his process. Any beginner with a bit of experience can easily follow along with his tips and tricks to create a beautiful and unique finished product.

2) Callahan’s Firehouse Glass Studio

Callahan’s Firehouse Glass Studio is another channel that is named for a physical shop. Callahan’s is located in Langley, Washington, but offers online viewers weekly looks into the work process in the shop.

Uploads from Callahan’s are extremely short, making them perfect for those of us who want a few minutes of entertainment instead of lengthy tutorials or demonstrations.

Most videos are sped-up glimpses at the glass blowing process with background music and simple videography.

3) Lampwork Glass Beads by Lepoppet 

Lampwork Glass Beads by Lepoppet is a small channel run by glass artist Anna Maria Schoenenberger. She has a fun personality and is passionate about her work. Schoenenberger offers full commentary in her tutorials, making them appropriate for beginner lampworkers.

She films close to the flame as well, which allows you to see all the details of the work process and the colors used.

This channel’s tips and tricks are extremely valuable and relatable. Hobbyists wanting to learn more about making quirky and beautiful beads should definitely check out Anna Maria Schoenenberger’s work!

4) Exa Lectric 

Exa Lectric is an eclectic channel featuring bead making and fashion-related content. Although many of her videos aren’t relevant to glass working, she does offer some great tutorials on lampworking beads of different styles and uses.

Exa provides a detailed discussion of the required tools and materials at the beginning of her tutorials and offers advice along the way to customize the project. Anyone looking to learn more about beads and the different techniques you can use to make them will benefit from Exa Lectric’s lampworking tutorials.

5) EM Glassery 

EM Glassery is a new glassworking YouTube channel run by Elizabeth Mobley featuring a few great demonstration and commentary videos. The example provided above shows the process of making a fused glass dish out of many pieces of glass. Experienced glassworkers will be able to follow along and create something similar in their own workshops.


6) Matt Jasa

Matt Jasa, a professional glassworker, uploads tutorials and experiment videos for his growing audience. With weekly uploads and high quality videography, Jasa’s channel is ideal for anyone interested in following an active and artistic channel.

Jasa offers instructional commentary in most of his videos and covers not only lampworking techniques, but also the properties of different types of glass and colors used.

7) Stained Glass and Beads

Stained Glass and Beads is the channel of glass artist Sandy K. Johnson. She has over 20 years of experience in stained glass work and lampworking techniques.

Johnson has been uploading bead making videos frequently, but older videos focus on stained glass and other topics. Johnson’s videos use a simple filming style and show the entire glassworking process from start to finish.

Her videos considered demonstrations rather than detailed tutorials, but a lampworker with some experience would be able to understand each step of the process just through the visuals offered.

8) Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass in New York has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and offers viewers demonstration videos, history lessons, and other educational and promotional content.

The Museum’s latest videos are full-length demonstrations featuring by celebrated glass artists. The entire video is narrated and provides close-up views of the glassblowing process.

There really aren’t any other videos on YouTube like these, so definitely check them out if you are interested in seeing professionals in action and hearing some really great commentary about glassblowing and the properties of glass.

9) Grant Garmezy 

Grant Garmezy is an American glassblowing artist who specializes in sculpture. His high quality videos feature commentary, music, and some artistic camera angles that capture the beauty of the glassblowing process.

Garmezy’s finished pieces are unlike anything offered by other YouTube glass artists. Many of his sculptures depict animals and pop culture and he uses some really creative techniques to achieve accuracy in his representations of these themes.

10) Thames Glass

Thames Glass creates videos ranging from a few seconds to 10 minutes in length. The demonstration videos allow viewers to understand the work style of Thames Glass and apply the techniques to their own projects.

Thames Glass has been on YouTube for a decade, and recently has been uploading more regularly. Check them out for some unique project ideas and insight into how a small glass workshop operates.

11) Terrapin Glassblowing Studio

Terrapin Glassblowing Studio offers themed demonstrations of their work that usually focus on a specific technique, type of glass, or finished project. Experienced glassworkers will be able to follow along and apply what they learn to future projects, and everyone else will enjoy the entertainment.

Terrapin’s products range from vessels to sculptures and are extremely colorful and fun. The lighthearted commentary is easy to listen to regardless of how much glassblowing knowledge you possess.

12) Campfire Glassblowing

Campfire Glassblowing is a brand new channel created in April 2021 that features “ride along” glassblowing demonstrations in which the viewer sees the glassblowing process from the artist’s point of view. This perspective is really helpful in gaining a better understanding of how to actually work with glass.

Campfire only has two videos on their channel so far, but be sure to subscribe and support them in their early days as they upload more frequently.

13) Lampwork Tool

Lampwork Tool is a Bulgarian lampworking channel that uploads most months. The videos are short and easily digestible with written instructions and visuals.

Although the videos are short, they do provide enough information to recreate each project at home. Beginner and more experienced lampworkers would benefit from the wide array of projects featured so far on the channel.

14) Museum of Glass

Museum of Glass is the YouTube channel promoting a museum in Washington of the same name and educating viewers on the properties of glass and glassworking techniques.

Like the Corning Museum of Glass, this channel offers full-length demonstrations of the glassblowing in their large shop. They do offer less commentary, however, so the videos are more suitable for entertainment or those who want an inside look at how glass studios operate.

15) Hans de Kralenmaker

Hans de Kralenmaker is a bead maker who started his channel in March 2021. When he isn’t filming, de Kralenmaker demonstrates his craft at historical events. He specializes in making 6th to 8th century beads.

De Kralenmaker’s only has a couple videos on his channel so far, but both feature nice close-up perspectives of his work process. He also provides written instructions and tips when viewers turn on the ‘subtitles’ feature of his videos.

Because of Hans de Kralenmaker’s unique specialization as a historical bead maker, his channel is definitely worth engaging with and helping to grow.

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