Glass Blowing Classes in Connecticut 2023 [Updated]

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List of Glass Blowing Classes in Connecticut 2023 [Updated]

glass blowing classes in Connecticut
Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, a state home to amazing glass blowing studios and workshops

Connecticut is a great state to find good glass blowing classes and workshops from different hot shops and glass studios.

There are many unique glass workshops located in different cities and towns across the state that offer great learning experiences and lessons to immerse yourself in the glass blowing trade. The glass studios in Connecticut offer a great selection of classes for students and participants of a variety of skill levels.

We have included below a list of the best class offerings for the current year which include paid classes as well as some free glass blowing studio demonstrations. All classes are carried out by experienced glassblowers and will provide a huge amount of valuable knowledge for those wanting to experience this beautiful craft in a hands-on environment. 

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1) Kinship Glassworks

  • Type: glassblowing, general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to advanced
  • Price: $75 to $125 per person
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (475) 549-8559
  • Location: 23 Seemans Lane Milford, CT 06460

Kinship Glassworks is a full service glass blowing studio, learning center, and gallery owned and operated by Christopher Demott. Christopher has over 30 years of experience in glass working and has taught many different glass classes in multiple locations.

His BA degree and previous studies with other esteemed glass artists have allowed him to make his own meaningful impact on the industry. The other members of the Kinship Glassworks team are also seasoned instructors and  have found a deep passion for glass blowing.

The learning center at Kinship Glassworks offers a plethora of glass blowing experiences for individuals and groups alike, as well as private lessons for those who would like a more personalized learning experience.

The glass blowing workshops options allow people to make a small glass art piece whose colors you can customize to make it your own unique piece. These workshops are definitely geared towards beginner glass blowers since the instructors will be doing more of the hands-on steps during the glass blowing process.

The private lessons offered by the studio focuses on the fundamentals of glass blowing and creates a solid basis for students to grow their skills and techniques through further practice. These lessons are at least three hours in length and are great for those who are interested in learning more than a surface-level understanding of glass blowing.

The studio is also available for rental to experienced glass blowers who are in need of a space to practice their art or create their own work. This service is a great option for those who are not ready to invest in the equipment and tools needed to form a glass blown piece, but understand how to use them. Assistants can also be requested at an additional cost.

2) The Hafner Creative Space

  • Type: general glass art, glass fusing
  • Classes: beginner to intermediate
  • Price: $75 to $850
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (646) 334-8415
  • Location: 223 Wilson Avenue Norwalk, CT 06854

The Hafner Creative Space is a glass studio and workshop established by Dorothy Hafner, a glass fusing icon, designer, and innovator. The space became an active workspace for her and her students in 2013 after she chose to relocate to Connecticut from Manhattan.

Dorothy has received a wide variety of recognition for her work in the fused glass art field and has had featured works in many different museums and books. Her unique style of glass fusing make her pieces stand out through a kaleidoscope of colors in beautiful geometric patterns.

The classes offered at the Hafner Creative Space are suitable for people of varying skill levels. The classes allow you to create your own fused glass piece during a two-hour workshop experience.

Some of these piece included learning how to fuse and cut glass into different shapes and color combinations. A jewelry-making workshop will show you how to create your own glass pendant. If you’re trying to create something more functional, there is also a workshops that teaches you how to create sun catchers, coasters, and plant stakes.

For those interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of glass fusing, there is a one-day workshop available where students can spend the day designing and creating a fused piece.

If you are interested in more immersive learning, there is a three-day intensive workshop and a 6-week course also offered by the studio. These courses are catered to people who would like to fully learn the basic skills and techniques of glass fusing along with lively group discussions and critiques that are integral to a classroom setting.

3) Greenwood Glass Blowing Studio & Gallery

  • Type: general glass art
  • Classes: beginner to advanced
  • Price: $48 to $200
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (860) 738-9464
  • Location: 3 Robertsville Road Riverton, CT 06065

The Greenwood Glass Blowing Studio and Gallery was established by Peter Greenwood from Hartford, Connecticut and is located inside a historic stone Church built in 1829. However, the unique setting of the workshop is certainly not the only thing worth noting about this place.

Peter Greenwood has had an extensive background in glass blowing as well as other similar trades. His experience with woodworking, blacksmithing, and artistic design has allowed him to make remarkable pieces that have been featured in museums all over the world.

The studio itself offers different workshops taught by experienced instructors. These workshops feature the the formation of molten glass, which includes glass blowing and solid working.

Visitors will be able fashion their own ornaments or other pieces of glass art during the class. These workshops are available to participants of all skill levels and companies looking for a fun team building opportunity.

If you are interested in a more advanced-level experience, you can contact the studio for more details to find a workshop or class suited to your skill level.

4) Silver Street Glass Studio

  • Type: glass blowing, general glass art, glass fusing, stained glass, flame working
  • Classes: beginner
  • Price: $30 to $40
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (860) 921-1486
  • Location: 105 Silver Street North Granby, CT 06060

The Silver Street Glass Studio was established by Annukka Ritalahti and Mark Gottlieb in 2015.

Annukka is professional a glass artist from Tampere, Finland, where most of her public works are located. She is now pursuing her career in the U.S. while teaching students in the studio.

Mark has also had a lot of experience with glass blowing by attending a variety of classes through renowned programs and working on his own creations in practice.

The classes offered by this studio include blowing your own ornament, learning how to stain glass, making a paperweight, and flame working. One of these mediums is sure to pique the interest of most visitors.

These classes are great for people who are simply trying to learn the basics of glass working and would like to create their own piece.

The studio also offers private and group lessons that could be better suited for those who are more serious about glass blowing. If you are one of those people, contact the studio for more details.

5) Blown Away Glass Gallery

  • Type: live glassblowing, general glass art
  • Classes: demonstrations
  • Price: N/A
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (860) 415-3315
  • Location: 505 Long Hill Road Groton, CT 06340

The Blown Away Glass Gallery is a glass blowing gallery that creates beautiful glass pieces that are both functional and decorative. Some of these pieces can even be customized based on your ideas.

The studio is Groton, Connecticut’s first live glass blowing and retail gallery. The art created is on full display, so it can be a very inspiring visit for those looking for new ideas for their own craft. The pieces shown are available for purchase.

Although the gallery does not offer glass blowing classes or workshops, it does conduct live glass blowing demonstrations. These demonstrations can show visitors the wonders of blown glass and can be a very fun experience for people of all ages.

6) Studio Jeffrey P’an

  • Type: live glassblowing, general glass art
  • Classes: demonstrations, weekdays, weekends 
  • Price: Free 
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (860) 536-9274
  • Location: 25 Roosevelt Ave. Mystic, CT 06355

Studio Jeffrey P’an is owned and operated by Jeffrey P’an, who has been working with glass for over 30 years. P’an attended engineering and design school before becoming a glass blower. He apprenticed in Murano, Italy and opened his first studio in 1994. 

P’an creates contemporary glass art in his energy-efficient studio. Visitors are welcome to visit his gallery during regular business hours. P’an also has scheduled Open Studio Days when visitors can watch live glass blowing demonstrations. Contact him directly for more information on the 2022 schedule. 

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