Best Blacksmithing YouTube Channels 2021 [Updated]

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List of the Best Blacksmithing YouTube Channels 2021 [Updated]

blacksmithing youtube channels
Blacksmithing YouTube channels continue to gain popularity and are great resources for smiths of all experience levels.

One of the best ways to expand your knowledge and appreciation for blacksmithing is to follow smithing-related YouTube channels.

Whether you find yourself in a creative funk, or are just looking for some entertainment, the blacksmithing community on YouTube can serve as inspiration for your next project.

As blacksmithing continues to enjoy a greater level of interest from people of all walks of life, more hobbyists and professionals are sharing their tips, tricks, and tutorials online.

There are several very well-known YouTuber blacksmiths, who you likely already follow, but here are 15 channels you may not have heard of before.

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1) Torbjorn Ahman

Torbjorn Ahman is a Swedish blacksmith who uses his YouTube channel to share his latest creations and experiments. Most of his videos pertain directly to blacksmithing and metalworking, while a few share recipes, woodworking, and other traditional/craft topics.

Ahman’s videos average about 20 minutes in length, and usually do not contain any talking or instruction. Instead, classical music or the sounds of the forging process accompany the high-quality videography.

Torbjorn Ahman makes a range of items: tools, weapons, figurines, etc. If you have been searching for inspirational blacksmithing content that is not strictly tutorials, be sure to check out Ahman’s channel.

2) Christ Centered Ironworks

Christ Centered Ironworks is an artisan blacksmith business and YouTube channel that has been operating since 2012. The channel currently has just over 73,000 subscribers and almost 11,000,000 views.

The success of this channel is likely due to the excellent filming and instruction by the hosts of the channel. Viewers are invited into Christ Centered Ironworks’s shop, where they learn how to make various blacksmithing tools, household items, and much more.

The videos generally are either tutorials with detailed step-by-step instruction, or process videos that show the smithing of a certain project from beginning to end with only the sounds of the forge as background ambience.

3) Black Bear Forge

Black Bear Forge is a small shop in Beulah, Colorado that also uploads videos to YouTube. The videos mostly pertain to the creation of tools and hardware and the techniques shown range from easy to advanced.

This channel offers classic tutorials of blacksmithing techniques and full projects. The instruction is clear and slow enough to understand easily but not too overwhelmed with details.

Black Bear Forge’s YouTube channel is great for viewers who want to make more practical items and refine fundamental techniques through practice.

4) Glen GS Tongs

Glen GS Tongs is a blacksmithing channel that focuses on the creation of hardware and tools. The finished products have a distinct modern and polished look. Since Glen the blacksmith lives in Taipei, Taiwan, some of his videos also highlight living and working there.

Most of the videos on Glen GS Tongs simply document the process of smithing various projects, but the channel also offers a few beginner-friendly, step-by-step tutorials.

5) Mark Aspery 

Famous master blacksmith Mark Aspery has his own YouTube channel full of valuable resources for beginner, intermediate, and advanced smiths. Most of his videos are concise, easy-to-follow tutorials on a range of blacksmithing fundamentals.

Recently, Aspery has begun uploading California Blacksmith Association and ABANA National Curriculum coaching sessions that cover various techniques recognized by these associations. These videos are amazing goldmines of information for smiths currently studying in a CBA or ABANA program, or for self-taught blacksmiths who want to learn a new skill in-depth.

If you are learning blacksmithing at home, Aspery’s free videos can guide your learning. Start with some of his older, beginner-focused videos and work your way up to the ABANA National Curriculum content.

6) The Forge

The Forge is managed by Alex Pole Ironwork, a traditional blacksmithing shop in the United Kingdom. This is a smaller channel that has less videos than others listed here, but they are well produced and filmed in a mini documentary style.

Each video shows the complete process of making different finished products. All projects are completed using traditional tools, equipment, and techniques.

The Forge’s videos are both entertaining and educational. The commentary included in each is very detailed, and both beginners and more advanced blacksmiths are likely to learn something new.


7) Rigoni Ironworks

Rigoni Ironworks is a YouTube channel run by John Rigoni. He owns a small workshop and focuses on creating elegant ironwork.

Videos on this channel are short and simple, with minimal talking and music and an emphasis on documenting the process of ironworking. Rigoni uses both large equipment and traditional tools to craft some unique and really professional-looking finished products.

8) Grace Note Forge

Grace Note Forge is a small channel run by Josiah Dyment. He is skilled in blacksmithing, sculpting, and other art forms.

Videos on the Grace Note Forge channel range from under a minute long to about a half hour in length, but most are between 5 and 10 minutes. The videography is more artsy, with music, time lapses, and minimal talking.

This channel would be great for blacksmiths and artists who need a little inspiration but can forge without long, in-depth tutorials.

9) Smithing Skill

Smithing Skill is an Indian blacksmithing channel that shows viewers the process of making tools and knives. The short length of videos and unique items created make this one of the more interesting channels on this list.

A cool feature that Smithing Skill includes in their videos is a sped-up preview at the beginning of each video, so you can get an idea of whether you want to watch a specific video from start to finish or not.

10) Joey van der Steeg

Joey van der Steeg is a Dutch metalworker and blacksmith with a growing audience on YouTube. This is another channel that uploads mostly demonstration videos instead of tutorials, so it is great for inspiration and for blacksmiths who want to replicate the finished products without a lot of verbal instruction.

This channel’s videos are shorter in length and really easy to watch. Plus, Joey makes some really interesting items. Lately, he has been forging his own anvils and mini anvils. It is a super cool process to watch, and may inspire you to take on larger, more difficult projects of your own!

11) Big Dog Forge

Big Dog Forge is a YouTube channel promoting a forge of the same name in Washington state. Projects range from candle holders to Damascus blades. Most videos are tutorials with in-depth commentary on the materials, tools, and steps required for the specific project.

Big Dog Forge’s videos are down to earth, to the point, and great for any blacksmith looking to learn something new.

12) RowanTaylor

RowanTaylor is blacksmithing YouTube channel that is ideal for intermediate and advanced smiths, or anyone interested in advanced smithing projects. Rowan Taylor works in a 200 year old smithy in the UK and focuses on creating historical items and traditional tools.

Unfortunately, this channel has not posted new content in over three years. We still are including it on this list, however, because it really is a great resource for forging historical items. Rowan Taylor offers fascinating historical facts and full commentary on his work process that you can’t find anywhere else.

13) Phoenix Forge

Phoenix Forge is another UK-based forging channel run by artist blacksmith Will Holland. The channel aims to share tips, tricks, and tutorials and promote blacksmithing around the world.

New videos are posted weekly, several times per week. This active channel offers tutorials and demonstrations of a wide range of items. Many are unique to the channel and illustrate Holland’s creative flair.

At around 5 to 20 minutes in length, Phoenix Forge’s content is highly digestible while also detailed enough to apply to your own work.

14) Brent Bailey 

Brent Bailey studied blacksmithing in Zimbabwe and specializes in forging axes and tools. His demonstration videos are short and straightforward, with no music, limited talking, and a whole lot of forging.

While short in length, Bailey does show each step in his work process, so skilled smiths would be able to recreate his work at home if they desire.

In addition to these demonstration videos, Brent Bailey has also uploaded shop tours and advice videos related to metalworking and blacksmithing techniques.

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