Glass Blowing Classes in Oregon 2023 [Updated]

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List of Glass Blowing Classes in Oregon 2023 [Updated]

Oregon and Portland glass blowing
Oregon’s rich arts culture and history of studio glass production make it one of the top places in the United States to learn glass blowing and other art glass styles.

Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest, a region which happens to be famous for its hundreds of glass blowing and glass art studios. 

Oregon and the city of Portland, in particular, have a thriving arts culture that celebrates art in a variety of mediums. Glass is no exception and has a unique history in the state. 

The popularity of glass art exploded during the studio glass movement of the 1960s. Artists like Dale Chihuly formed glass schools and studios in cities like Seattle and Portland and settled down in other areas of Washington and Oregon. 

Today, a new generation carries on the legacy started in the 1960s as artists across the state of Oregon share their love of glass blowing and glass art with their communities. 

Below are 10 high-quality glass studios in Oregon offering classes, workshops, and demonstrations this year!

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1) The Alder House

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing
  • Classes: demonstrations, seasonal, small group
  • Price: Free
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (541) 996-2483
  • Location: 611 Immonen Rd. Lincoln City, Or. 97367

The Alder House is a glass blowing establishment that was first formed in the 1960s by Buzz, a glass blowing artist educated at Portland State University. 

After a few iterations, the third Alder House building opened in 1999 and is a place for artists to work and educate the public.

While it does not have “blow your own” classes, The Alder House does offer up-close glass blowing demonstrations that are free for visitors.  

Demonstrations include a discussion of the history and process of glass blowing and visitors are encouraged to ask any questions they have to learn more about the art form. 

This experience would be ideal for any glass artist, but especially beginners who want their questions about the craft answered by knowledgeable and friendly artists.

2) Roses Glassworks Art Glass School

  • Type: general glass art, stained glass, fusing
  • Classes: small group, mornings, evenings, weekdays, weekends
  • Price: $65-$275
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (503) 246-9897
  • Location: 10105 S.W. Hall Blvd. Portland, OR 97223

Roses Glassworks Art Glass School is owned and operated by Pam and Mitch McDougal. The couple offers glass art supplies, custom work, repairs, and classes. 

Stained glass, fusing, and other types of glass art are suitable for beginner and intermediate students. Beginner classes cover cutting, grinding, and fitting stained glass. Patterns are used to teach students the fundamentals of the process. 

Intermediate students design their own projects and work at their own pace. Classes are less structured to allow for experimentation. 

Roses Glassworks also offers a wide range of specialty classes that include filigree, mosaics, fusing, and more.

3) The Edge Glassblowing Studio & Art Gallery

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing, flameworking, fused glass, stained glass
  • Classes: small group, private, by appointment, child friendly, full day
  • Price: Call for pricing
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (541) 867-4198
  • Location: 3916 South Coast Highway South Beach, OR 97366

The Edge Glassblowing Studio & Art Gallery opened in 2005 and is owned by Ryan Bledsoe. He has many years of experience working with glass in a few industries. 

Classes at The Edge are taught by Bledsoe and his team members. The full day classes are ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced glass artists. 

Choose from private or small group classes, or come and learn glass blowing with your child. Classes are appropriate for people of all ages.

4) The Hot Shop

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing
  • Classes: mornings, afternoons, weekdays, weekends
  • Price: Call for pricing
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (541) 760-4020
  • Location: 3101 SE Ferry Slip Rd. #60 Newport, OR 97365

The Hot Shop opened in 2016 and is owned by glass artist Jeff, who has been working with glass for over a decade.

Classes at The Hot Shop are perfect for beginners or those interested in the glass blowing process. Students get to choose from a range of projects including bubble bowls, candy dishes, vases, and pumpkins.

After picking out colors and going over safety rules, Jeff leads students through the process from start to finish. Students can help out as much or as little as they like.

5) Oregon Coast Glassworks

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing
  • Classes: mornings, afternoons, weekdays, weekends, small group, demonstrations, walk-ins welcome, child friendly
  • Price: $65-$155
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (541) 574-8226
  • Location: 616 E Olive St Newport, OR 97365

Oregon Coast Glassworks is a Native American owned glass blowing studio in Newport owned by William Murphy. The studio offers custom pieces, demonstrations, walk-in classes, and classes by appointment. 

Classes range in price depending on the project you choose. Projects include paperweights, bowls, hearts, lampshades, vases, and more. 

You will learn the latest glass blowing techniques as you assist in making your project. Classes last a half hour, making them ideal for families and people with busy schedules. 

Oregon Coast Glassworks also offers daily demonstrations showcasing the skills of its glass blowing team. The viewing area within the studio is a great place to see recently completed projects. 

With multiple ways to enjoy glass blowing and learn more about the craft, Oregon Coast Glassworks is well worth checking out.

6) Studio West Fine Art Gallery & Glassblowing Studio

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing, flameworking
  • Classes: small group, private, weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons
  • Price: $50-$125
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (541) 246-0761
  • Location: 84880 Laughlin Road. Eugene, Oregon 97405

Studio West Fine Art Gallery & Glassblowing Studio is owned by husband and wife team Alejandro and Ciara. They have worked in the glass industry for over a decade and are dedicated to sharing their passion for glass art with their community. 

Studio West offers private and small group classes that are tailored to beginners. Projects include ornaments, paperweights, floats, bubble bowls, and pumpkins. 

Children are welcome to participate, and the studio recommends that they complete ornaments before moving onto more difficult items. 

Flameworking classes and apprenticeships are also available on a limited basis. Students get to work one-on-one with Alejandro to create their own finished items. 

Apprenticeships in flameworking are a great way to learn flameworking if you are serious about the craft.

7) Glass Art Oregon

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing
  • Classes: small group, private, studio rentals,
  • Price: $35-$80
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (503) 362-9723
  • Location: 5594 Red Leaf Dr S. Salem, OR 97306

Glass Art Oregon was founded in 2016 by Gail and Art Obendorf. Gail has been fascinated by glass art since she was a child, and Art has been passionate about glass blowing ever since taking a class several years ago.

The couple has blown glass together for years and opened their own studio to share their love of the craft with others. 

Classes at Glass Art Oregon last for 2 hours and cover all the basics of glass blowing. You can choose to work one-on-one with Gail or Art or bring a friend to work with. 

Glass Art Oregon also offers studio rentals for experienced glass blowers. For more information, contact Gail and Art directly. 

Sign up for classes at Glass Art Oregon on their Facebook page, or call for details.

8) Rachel Escoe Glass

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing
  • Classes: small group, private, evenings, weekdays, weekends
  • Price: $320-$475
  • Website:
  • Telephone: N/A
  • Location: 518 E Main St. 98660 Vancouver, WA

Rachel Escoe Glass is owned by Rachel Escoe, who earned her BFA in Glass in 2009. In addition to working on her own projects, Rachel offers workshops around the city of Portland. 

Rachel enjoys the challenges of working with hot glass and loves the process from start to finish. The 3 words she uses to describe her work are: Challenge, Process, and Therapy. Learn more about her artistic vision by taking one of her quality workshops. 

Workshops with Rachel last for 3 hours and can be purchased for groups of 2 or 4. She explains how to use the tools and equipment required for blowing glass and guides students through the process of making a simple finished object. 

Choose from a paperweight, drinking glass, or ornament.

9) Lincoln City Glass Center

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing
  • Classes: mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekdays, weekends, small group
  • Price: $65 and up
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (541) 996-2569
  • Location: 4821 SW Highway 101 Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

Lincoln City Glass Center offers custom glass art and “blow your own” classes for beginners ages 7 and up. 

Classes last around 25 minutes, making them the perfect introduction to glass blowing. Choose from simple projects like paperweights, ornaments, and small vases. 

Participants get to choose their own colors and work alongside a glass blower as their project is created. Those who do not want to learn hands-on can observe in the studio.

10) Moonshine Glass Art

  • Type: general glass art, glass blowing
  • Classes: small group, weekdays, weekends, child friendly
  • Price: Call for pricing
  • Website:
  • Telephone: (541) 398-1108.
  • Location: 624 S River St. Enterprise, OR 97828

Moonshine Glass Art is owned by glass artist Stirling Webb. In addition to selling his own work online and in his studio, Webb is passionate about helping others experience the joy of glass blowing.

Classes are ideal for beginner and intermediate students and are project based. This means you will complete a specific project to take home.  

Project options include flowers, eggs, hearts, and mushrooms.

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